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Guzheng Sale & Rental

We deliever carefully-sourced brand-new Guzheng picked by our guzheng experts, with FREE worldwide shipping.

We collect and provide second-hand Guzheng for budget lovers.

We offer Guzheng Hire service for those based in London.

We provide quality guzheng from the best Guzheng Makers only:

Zhuque 朱雀|Dunhuang 敦煌|Tangxiang 唐响

Haitang 海棠|Muyue 木曰|Hongyin 泓音

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Guzheng Lessons

Learn Guzheng with expert in an engaging and effective approach from day one, both in-person or online

  • 90mins trial Guzheng lesson
  • 45min, 60min, 90mins, 120min regular Guzheng lessons
  • Choice of in-person or online virtual classroom 
  • Choice of 1-to-1 private, small group (2-3 people)
  • All levels including complete beginners are all welcome
  • Suitable for anyone of 5+ years old
  • Gift Voucher available​
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Guzheng Performance

Highly-experienced Guzheng performance arranged in various forms and styles.

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Buy Zhuque Guzheng with Guzheng World | 买朱雀古筝

Zhuque Guzheng are available now!

We now take orders on Zhuque (Scarlet Bird) Guzheng! As one of the most well-known Guzheng brands, Zhuque is famous for their single-piece carving craftsmanship and enjoys huge popularity worldwide.


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