Sanhao 三好

Sanhao 39in Zebrawood Carved Guzheng "Zi Gui" 三好100cm斑马木小挖筝"子规“

Sanhao 39in Zebrawood Carved Guzheng "Zi Gui" 三好100cm斑马木小挖筝"子规“

Professional / 专业级

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Featuring Lankao first-class paulownia soundboard (carved) and zebra wood frame, this Guzheng enjoys portability without compromising on sound quality. Suitable for all levels and use settings. 


Sanhao 三好


Professional / 专业级

Materials & Craft

Soundboard / Lankao first-class paulownia wood (carved)
音板/ 兰考一级泡桐木(挖筝)
Frame / Zebrawood
饰面 / 斑马木
Bridges / ebony
琴码 / 黑檀木


solid wood tuning wrench, premium guzheng bag, premium moveable bridges, finger picks (8 pieces), tape, guzheng stands



Package / 125*49*26 (cm) 49*19*10 (in)
Guzheng / 100*34*6.5 (cm) 39*13*2.5 (in)

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三好乐器 Sanhao

Sanhao only makes premium and tailored guzheng, thanks to being born in Lankao, China which is place of origin for high-quality paulownia wood.