• 90min Guzheng Trial Lesson

    1. Choice of face-to-face or online One-to-One video lessons 

    2. For complete beginners - xperience playing Guzheng, learn basic techniques and start playing Guzheng music 

    3. For beginners / intermediates - refresh your existing skills, learn new techniques and explore the next level

    4. Chance to ask any guzheng-related questions

    5. Either One to One or Group lesson formats are available

    6. Tailored progress plan by our guzheng experts

  • One-to-One Private Lesson In-person

    1. Online Lessons available for guzheng lovers worldwide (via Zoom) Face to Face (E6 London) 

    2. Being completely personal to you and your learning style, lessons are tailored to you.

    3. 100% of the attention is on you which helps you progress quicker

    4. More flexible and will work around your schedule

    5. The lessons will move at your own pace

    6. No need to bring your Guzheng for in-person lessons, we provide instruments

  • Premium Group Class (2-3 ppl)

    1. Online Lessons available for guzheng lovers worldwide (via Zoom) Face to Face (E6 London) ​

    2. Chance to learn Guzheng together with your friend, partner, children​ etc.

    3. Meet new acquaintances in a like-minded and social setting

    4. Learn from others in a more interactive, motivating and challenging environment

    5. Learn from not only your own mistakes but also from others

    6. No need to bring your Guzheng for in-person lessons, we provide instruments

Meet Some of Our Students

​If you are passionate about learning music but don't want to go with the stream,

and if you are fond of the cool, the quirky, ​the exotic, and the unusual,

Guzheng might be the right instrument for you;

As East meets West, modern meets traditional, this beautiful Chinese musical instrument gains growing attentions across both expected and unexpected settings worldwide...

Are you ready to join us and learn something different?

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Meet Guzheng Expert Qing Du

As a popular and professional Guzheng artist and teacher of nearly 20 years experience, Qing has now made her lessons available to all Guzheng lovers worldwide. Qing has taught many students from a wide range of backgrounds in age, nationality, occupations and motivations etc.

She has also been invited to play Guzheng across many countries and major venues internationally. She recently performed at World Expo in Dubai as the one and only Guzheng artist in residence. She also played in many gigs and concerts in the UK and China, both as soloists and ensembles.


When should I get my own Guzheng?

We suggest only buying a Guzheng when you are sure of committing. It's not required for in-person trial lesson but it is for regular and online video lessons. It's easy to buy a brand-new guzheng from us worldwide. Alternatively, getting a used Guzheng would be a good option too if you are on a budget.

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Thinking of getting a Gift Voucher?

Guzheng gift voucher would be a perfect choice to surprise your friends, family and loved ones, which offers them a unique and unforgettable music experience. It is redeemable and valid for 1 year from the purchase. Simply choose the the lesson desired and leave the rest with us.

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