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Zhuque 朱雀

Series 8 | “Jin Se Yu Sheng" Zhuque "Scarlet Bird" 63in Bubinga Carved Guzheng 朱雀163cm赞比亚巴花整挖筝”金色玉声“

Series 8 | “Jin Se Yu Sheng" Zhuque "Scarlet Bird" 63in Bubinga Carved Guzheng 朱雀163cm赞比亚巴花整挖筝”金色玉声“

Concert / 演奏级

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Iconic Zhuque “Jin Se Yu Sheng 金色玉声“ from Series 8 made with single-piece carving craft. Soundboard available in light or dark shade. 

Brand 品牌

Zhuque 朱雀

Grade 级别

Concert / 演奏级

Materials & Craft 材质与工艺

Soundboard / Lankao 8-year air-dried first-class paulownia wood
音板/ 兰考一级泡桐木
Frame / Bubinga
饰面 / 赞比亚巴花
Bridges / Premium Sandalwood
琴码 / 特制檀木
Craft / Single-Piece Carved
工艺 / 整挖

Accessories 配件

solid wood tuning wrench, premium guzheng bag, premium moveable bridges, finger picks (8 pieces), tape, guzheng stands


Dimensions 尺寸

Package / 170*45*36 (cm) 67*18*14 (in)
Guzheng / 163*34*7.5 (cm) 65*13*3 (in)

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朱雀古筝 Zhuque “Scarlet Bird"

Born in Xi'an, China where Guzheng was origintialy invented over 2,000 years ago, Zhuque Guzheng has been famous for their unique 'single piece carving' crafts, and really grown on a word-of-month basis.